Supply Chain & Logistics Consulting

We offer a portfolio of products and services that will help insure customers reduce transportation costs and improve service. Our “Complete Package” can help manage all or parts of your transportation spend process. We help with the payment and approval process, while insuring you are collaborating with carriers to reduce their transaction costs to benefit both parties. We are also involved in helping clients improve their Supply Chain and reducing costs while improving the delivery of products to their customers. Cost cutting for us is well beyond the price of services. We are involved in optimization, transportation all modes, general warehousing, packaging, and automation.

Our consultant group has hundreds of years or experience in transportation and supply chain and specializes in the following areas. Transportation & supply chain consulting, Shipment optimization, LTL, truckload services, Air freight import & export, Carrier, courier & messenger consultation, Cost reduction strategies, Supply chain consulting, Network optimization, Product enhancement/development, Carrier Routing guides/business rules, Mode optimization and service optimization, Deferred service options, Technology consulting (Shipment Processing – Tracking – Label – Rate Shopping Technology, and Interim Purchasing plus shipping services.

PANCGroup is “The Complete Package”

We offer you the options to use all, or part of our “Transportation Spend Management Process.”

Contract Negotiations

Domestic & International – All Modes

Freight Payment Processing

Parcel Carrier Audits

Guaranteed Refunds

Freight Claims Processing

Cost Recovery Invoice Corrections


Carrier Compliance Audit

Contract Benchmarking

Are You Paying Too Much?

Carrier Routing Guides Business Rules

Mode Optimization Product Price & Service Optimization

Technology Consulting

Processing, Labeling, & Rate Shopping

Data Mining & Freight Characteristics


Contract Management & Contract Compliance

RFP Preparation Request for Pricing & Bid Preparation



General Supply Chain & Consulting Services

Carrier Strategy & Product Development