Our mission is cost reduction & parcel delivery proficiency

Welcome to Parcel Audit Appraisal & Negotiations Group one of the Transportations Industry top sources available to ensure companies are not paying too much for parcel shipping. The company was founded in 2004 by Jack Mitchell an industry executive who shares his industry knowledge and experiences to help clients save millions of dollars annually.

Experience shows that a majority of companies, despite what they may spend on shipping, are paying far more than necessary. As former carrier experts, we believe our primary mission is to ensure shippers obtain the right price, discounts, and incentives. Our consultants have reduced 99% of our client’s cost by 15% to 22% per year. If you think you are paying too much for shipping, you’re probably correct.

We are devoted to educating shippers who are over paying for services. We are ready to share our insider’s knowledge which until now was known only to the carriers. Negotiating the right price is based on benchmarking like customers with comparable spends and shipment characteristics. By means of our deep understanding of small parcel delivery networks, we offer shippers a proven process for reducing shipping costs while improving service in the package delivery operations.

We make certain all shippers, in addition, are taking advantage of invoice auditing to recover their money back for late deliveries, billing errors, and a host of other items. PANCGroup will help optimize small package shipping, tell you exactly what you should be paying for services, and negotiate a best in class small parcel pricing agreement. PANCGroup will provide knowledge, and the proper tools and technology to decrease shipping costs.