Audit Plus™ Service

FedEx & UPS offer a money back guarantee for packages not delivered on time. Each day up to 5% of all shipments, in fact, arrive late. For that reason, if you are not auditing, you’re paying too much for shipping.

Audit Plus™ is a our comprehensive small parcel auditing program which takes advantage of a proprietary software, tracking, and filing solution that makes certain our clients receive refunds from FedEx and UPS. There are no initial startup fees or other costs to utilize our service.

Our compensation is a portion of the verifiable and quantifiable savings we find for our clients. The burden of risk, time invested, and upfront capitol is 100% ours, not yours. We create no extra work for our clients and there are no long term contract commitments. Our terms are only thirty days. The set up is quick and easy. We simply download your weekly invoices from the carrier’s website and our software validates each and every invoice and monitors several individual data points.

Sample List of Audit Points

Sample list of Audit Points:

  • Late deliveries – service failures
  • Address correction
  • Commercial residential adjustment
  • Overcharge
  • Declared Value
  • Duplicate Invoices
  • Hundredweight/Multiweight
  • Late Payment
  • Delivery Area Surcharge


  • Manifested not shipped
  • Additional Handling
  • Large Package
  • Miscellaneous Charges
  • No proof of delivery
  • Not previously billed packages
  • Rating Errors
  • Unapplied discounts
  • Unauthorized Account Usage