Reduce Costs & Improve Service Utilizing PANCGroup Consultants

In today’s world, we are unfortunately all too familiar with the need for contracts. Transportation contracts are entirely to complex, difficult to read, and more often than not, impossible to comprehend. The Carriers profit model works on a cost to serve basis. They, like all good companies, are in business to make money.

We have experience creating, implementing, negotiating, and re-negotiating thousands of customer contracts. As a result, we are experts at understanding, appraising, and ensuring your contract is fair for all parties. At PANCGroup, we believe carrier and clients should work together to achieve a formal agreement, which is fair to both parties.

For that reason, we offer potential customers a “Free Appraisal”. To determine if you truly have a best in class contract, simply contact PANCGroup by email at or fill in the Contact Form below. A Parcel Audit Appraisal & Negotiations Group Consultant will respond to your inquiry within 24 hours or call 978-921-0611 now.