Reporting & Analytics Consulting

As consultants we use data and analysis to generate reports and to help run our daily business and that of our clients. Our reports crystallize exact pivot points and business indices which help us measure costs and find proper solutions to help manage your transportation spends ongoing. Parcel Audit Appraisal & Negotiations Group clients have free access to a secure online reporting portal which helps develop and analyze trends, invoices, and shipping history to determine how to optimization packages in an effort to reduce costs. Our consultants will work with you to recognize the right information and teach you about how data is used in the decision making process. We are experts at data mining and rely on information received from constant reporting to make unambiguous decisions in our daily work process.

Our consultants specialize in the following areas and are experts in all. Parcel appraisals, Freight auditing, Freight claim processing, Carrier compliance, Cost modeling, Strategic pricing, Carrier relationship management, Contract implementation compliance, Benchmarking, RFP preparations, Freight payment processing, Freight characteristics modeling, RFQ preparations, Bid preparation, and shipping strategies.