What We Offer

We offer a portfolio of services which guarantees clients a return on investment. There are no upfront costs or need to assign company resource.s The burden of risk is 100% ours, not yours. Experts appraise your current pricing and define all savings. Finally, we audit for late deliveries and other items to capture refunds.


Our mission is to ensure that customers always reduce transportation expenses and enhance profits. We are a team of industry veterans who provide a different perspective encompassing a complete “Transportation Spend Management Process.” Our combined group has hundreds of years of Carrier, Shipper, Audit, and Supply Chain Consulting experience.


Our Industry Insider’s view coupled with spend analytics and data modeling will drastically improve your negotiating position. Up until now this insider’s point of view and spend management method belonged to the carrier. PANCGroup assures you will receive the best possible rates and make sure you are not paying too much for shipping small parcels.


Auditing FedEx and UPS invoices will refund up to 8% of your annual transportation spend


Former executives use insider knowledge and spend analytics to improve pricing agreements


Data mining and online reporting tools support Suppy Chains and shipment distribution

Supply Chain Consulting

Supply Chain consulting helps increase revenues and deliver goods more efficiently.

About 5% of all parcels are eligible for service refunds. Each year $5 billion in refunds go unclaimed by shippers not auditing invoices.
99% of PANCGroup clients save 15% to 22% on average. Get a free savings analysis and know if you are paying FedEx or UPS too much.
Knowledge Discovery is the process of sorting shipment details to information for cutting cost and increasing savings.
Our “Complete Package” can manage all or parts of your transportation process. Let us help improve your supply chain performance globally.

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