Audit Plus™ FAQ

How does the Audit process work and will I need to change how I pay my carrier?

We will review your carrier invoices each week and submit claims directly to the carrier on your behalf. Once the claims are approved, each individual credit will appear as a refund on your upcoming invoice by tracking number and ship date. Upon receiving electronic confirmation of your refund, we will invoice you for our portion of the savings. There will be no change to how you pay the carrier or the current payment process.

How much money will I save by auditing my shipment invoices?

Actual savings vary depending on service level, distance, and carrier used. Service used will determine your costs and influences the savings. If you ship more air then the savings should increase over ground. The average savings for our customers is a low of 5% and a high of 8% based on service and destination.

Which carriers and auditing services does PANCGroup provides?

We currently audit domestic and international parcels for express and air freight shipments for UPS & FedEx.

Are there any other additional fees or hidden charges?

Absolutely not. PANCGroup works on a strict contingency basis. We are paid a portion of the savings we find for our clients. There are no upfront fees and other charges. The burden of risk, time invested, and upfront capitol is 100% ours, not yours.

Are all my parcel shipments guaranteed by the carriers?

Most, but not all, shipments are guaranteed by the carriers for on-time delivery. However, each carrier maintains an extensive list of exceptions. PANCGroup carefully evaluates each refund request before we submit it to the carrier. We have the capability of filing refunds electronically and calling carriers directly.% ours, not yours.

How safe is our customer information and what safe-guards are in place?

Parcel Plus™ takes very seriously the handling of client data files, which is confidential information. We have taken every safeguard to ensure client data is 100% secure. We use an in-house private secure network and technology and all data is run through an encryption algorithm. Lastly, our Audit Plus™ agreement has very strong confidentiality and non-disclosure language to ensure our information as well as our client’s information is guaranteed not to be breached. All data is encrypted using AES 128 bit encryption.

What kinds of reports are available to clients looking for information on shipping?

PANCGroup use of data mining and technology are at the heart of our company. We audit invoices but we also negotiate hundreds of pricing agreements and consult with logistics folks to reduce cost and improve their supply chain. We can do G.L. Coding and cost center allocation. Plus, we have designed hundreds of specific carrier reports to help track information and make more informed decisions daily.

Is there anything else I should know about your services or company?

PANCGroup’s goal is to reduce or try to eliminate late deliveries and billing errors not simply to uncover them after they occur. We work with clients to uncover systemic problems which affect delivery of daily shipments. We try to identify and recommend specific solutions which minimize the impact for the future.